Eco-friendly boating? Easy with our Duffy Boat

Duffy boats are small electric boats that were first introduced in 1970 by a company called Duffy Electric Boat Company, located in Newport Beach, California. The company was founded by Marshall Duffy Lytle, who was inspired by the quiet and clean electric boats he encountered during his travels in Europe. 

Duffy boats were designed as an alternative to gas-powered boats and offered a more environmentally-friendly and relaxing boating experience. They were originally marketed as “The Silent Electric Boat” and became popular for leisurely cruises on lakes and waterways, as well as for use as water taxis. In the 1980s and 1990s, Duffy boats became increasingly popular for rental and commercial use, with many marinas and resorts offering them for rent. 

Today, Duffy boats continue to be a popular option for electric boating and are used for a variety of recreational and commercial purposes. The Duffy Electric Boat Company has since expanded its product line to include larger electric boats and has continued to innovate and improve their boats to meet the needs of the market.

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